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Consulting and implementation support for the development of the vision / mission and the key visual for a multinational company

Here's where I start with my work as a consultant:

For me, successful work as a consultant always revolves around people and topics. After a sound clarification of the aim, the first task is to document the starting situation. For this purpose, interviews, shadowing and / or hypothesis formation have proven to be effective for me. It's then important to compare the picture that emerges together with the customer. 
I use the "RADAR" method (see below) for the follow-up steps and as a measuring tool.

My expectation is that the desired aim is already reflected in the counselling process, that the persons involved help to shape the situation and that they are brought into intensive dialogue via the appropriate means to the greatest possible degree. 
For reinforcement I often encourage "resonance groups" to get on board, which provide both content-related and procedural feedback and secure the corresponding business relationship, as well as the sustainability of the result.  

*RADAR logic is part of the management model of EFQM (1).

Starting position:

The last vision was developed 7 years ago. The company is repositioning itself in terms of business and organisation.

Expected result (R):

A new vision / mission and a new key visual are the expression of the dawn of a sustainable and successful future. All employees worldwide are highly motivated to identify themselves with the new company.

Procedure (A):

  • Clarification of the order and of the objective with the management
  • Timeframe and resource planning, project planning
  • Communication and mobilisation concept

Implementation (D):

  • Formation of the project team, focus groups, sounding board, inclusion of the relevant internal (including
    employees) and external stakeholder groups (including customers)
  • Moderated kick-off events, interviews, brainstorming
  • Iterative development of drafts, pit stops with the above-mentioned committees, internal communication
  • Final definition
  • Communication and mobilisation

Assessment and Improvement (AR):

  • Interim evaluations and final coordination with the management with the participation of representatives 
    of the internal and external stakeholder groups
  • Retrospectively with the management and the above-mentioned committees
  • Documentation / communication of the process and experiences
  • Feedback survey / "pulse check" of the relevant internal and external stakeholder groups after 6 months; if necessary implementation of support measures
  • Annual check as part of the process of corporate development

(1) EFQM_Leading Excellence_info@efqm.org


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